GPS tracking devices

Ideal for monitoring vehicles, equipment and non-powered assets


STICKNTRACK is an asset tracking solution that allows you to locate, monitor and optimize your non-powered assets. With a battery life of up to five years, you can stick it on just about anything you want to keep track of.


The Loka is low-cost way to keep tabs on your assets and equipment. It’s a little different, because rather than using a GPS chip to track, the Loka geolocates using the strength of nearby WiFi signals and the proximity to Sigfox base stations.

Sports tracker

Use the Capturs GPS sports tracker to keep in touch with friends and family, even when there’s no cellular reception. Thanks to live transmission of GPS co-ordinates to the cloud, family members can check where you are on your outdoor adventure.


With a built-in solar cell, the DigiTraw-PV can provide GPS tracking with virtually unlimited power supply. This device is perfect for tracking boats, construction equipment, and anything else that stays primarily outdoors.


The HidnSeek ST-1A is a small, lightweight and easy to use GPS tracker that can operate for up to three months without recharging. Use the device for personal safety, equipment tracking, vehicle monitoring and more.


Built with a weather-resistant IP67 enclosure, the HidnSeek DigiTraq STA GPS Tracker provides ultra-long provides geolocation for up to eight years without charging. It is low-cost, robust, and accurate to less than 10 metres.

Why should I track my assets?

Theft of tools and machinery from construction sites and farms is on the rise. Even when the loss is covered, there is often lost time in filing police reports, insurance claims and in lost productivity while waiting for replacement equipment. In the construction industry, this can mean schedule delays, which can even result in financial penalties.

Prevent theft

Trackers that include accelerometers alert you as soon as your equipment starts moving. If the equipment starts moving outside of usual times, you can immediately call the authorities and provide them with location data.

Unlike passive security, like CCTV systems that can only be consulted after a theft, trackers allow you to act immediately.

Increase productivity

Equipment theft means you have to take time out to file police reports and insurance claims. The time your company loses waiting for replacement equipment also causes a loss in productivity.

In the construction industry, this can lead to schedule delays, and even financial penalties.

Improve your fleet management

Always know where your vehicles are and when they are being used. Set geofences to receive alerts when vehicles leave a depot or site. Useage data can even help you determine when it’s time to add another vehicle to the fleet.