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Performance Sport Tracking

By February 8, 2018Blog


Irish people are increasingly looking to challenge themselves as they exercise. This is clear as events such as Tough Mudder, Gaelforce in Mayo, or the countless triathlons and marathons around the country continue to grow each year. Monitoring training for these events is essential to show our improved run times, distance traveled, or even just ensuring the correct route is being taken.

VT are the first to bring new, Sigfox-enabled, GPS solutions to Ireland which can provide tracking with long battery life and live messages with your location for all sports enthusiasts. These devices allow for performance tracking, save energy with extended battery life and let team mates or family know where you are. Capturs, the Sigfox-enabled sports GPS, can provide tracking with long battery life and a button that sends a message with your location to a designated contact.

Tracking your progress while you’re out hiking, cycling or running can provide some interesting insights, but it can also be hard on your phone battery. Exploring the great outdoors can also sometimes take you into areas without cellular reception, which leaves you disconnected from friends and family without a means of contacting someone if you need help.

The Challenge

  • Provide sports tracking that doesn’t depend on a mobile phone battery.
  • Offer a way to contact family and team mates, even without cellular coverage.
  • Allow family and coaches to track your progress remotely even without cellular coverage.
  • Overcome previous barriers including the high price and short battery life of traditional trackers or using phone apps.

The Solution

Capturs is a connected GPS tracker built for outdoor sports. It can operate on battery power for up to a month, unlike mobile phone batteries, which drain rapidly when used for tracking.

In bringing the Capturs GPS technology to Ireland our aim is to effectively help our customers to monitor the intensity and volume of their training sessions throughout the year. The Capturs technology allows both individuals and teams to optimize performance-training outcomes for the in-season, mid-season and off-season recovery period. For the demands of off road outdoor sports in particular, Capturs has been fantastic in providing simple parameters that are easily communicated to hikers, running teams, coaches and their families alike.

A number of our Capturs users have found that by monitoring their route and timing they have been able to improve their performance.

Congratulations to one of our Capturs users, Vinny, who recently improved his best time in hiking up Carrauntoohil! He was delighted to be able to have the journey mapped out on the easy to use application and to share the information with his team. Vinny sent us in a screen shot of the route as he reached the summit. This information will be used to further improve his training for the next climb.

Well done Vinny!

How it works

The Capturs is connected to the cloud with Sigfox. Every 10 minutes, the device will send multiple GPS points over the network, with an accuracy of about one GPS point every three minutes. This enables live tracking, and the Capturs platform allows you to share your route map with a link, so family and friends can view your progress. A more detailed map of your trip can later be downloaded onto your computer via USB, with a GPS co-ordinate every minute.

The button on the Capturs can be configured to send five different messages based on the number of times it’s pressed. One of the alerts includes an acknowledgment, which will tell the user whether the message was sent successfully. This allows the Capturs to also be used in lone worker scenarios. All messages are sent to a preset contact, not emergency services. Multiple Capturs can also be added to the same account to create a race mode, which allows spectators to track who is in the lead and cheer on their favourite.

Here in Ireland, Capturs have been used for hiking, running, cycling, climbing and golfing, among other activities. The device comes with a soft waterproof case, so it can also be used in water sports.

For more information on any VT trackers please get in touch at info@vt-iot.com

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