Measure customer service satisfaction

Maximize survey participants

Install in just three minutes

Agora Opinion terminals come in four different formats, allowing you to choose the one that will best help you survey customers or employees on key performance indicators, such as customer service, facility cleanliness, efficiency and more. The survey terminals send updated statistics to the user interface every 10 minutes, keeping you up to date on performance. The device algorithm also filters out the effects of rapid nuisance pressing.

Agora Opinion can be used to instantly survey customer service satisfaction


Agora Opinion terminals can be fully customized to fit your needs and your brand. Choose your colour, shape, material, design and relevant question.

 Long Battery

The voting terminal’s two-year battery life means that the Agora Opinion can be installed in less than three minutes, with no wiring or WiFi pairing required. Screens have a battery life of six months.

Reports & alerts

The user interface provides graphical information about satisfaction and customer service levels. Agora Opinion can also be set to send alerts by SMS or email when satisfaction levels drop.


How it works

Agora Opinion terminals can be easily installed because they don’t require wiring or pairing with receivers or WiFi. Different terminals, either with a digital screen for the question or a sign, can be fully customized to your brand and goals. The they can be used to monitor happiness, cleanliness of facilities, efficiency and more.  Vote data is transferred to the user interface every 10 minutes via the Sigfox network. All terminals include an anti-tamper feature to prevent rapid button pushing from skewing results.

Staff can also tap their badge on certain terminal models to acknowledge they have completed a task, such as cleaning the restrooms. This allows the business to correlate how the action affects the poll responses.

The terminals can be set up to send email or SMS alerts when satisfaction levels begin to fall to that the business can act immediately to improve customer service and experience.


Wall-mounted terminal

Agora Opinion comes in multiple models and can be white labeled

Screen terminal

Agora Opinion allows you to easily change the customer feedback question

Standing terminal

Agora Opinion has a freestanding model for surveying customer satisfaction.

Mini screen terminal

Agora Opinion has a model that allows customers to rate the cleanliness of facilities, while also logging the presence of cleaning staff.

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