Go weeks or months without charging

Share live tracking with friends & family

No sim card or mobile phone needed

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Capturs is a GPS tracker designed for outdoor sports. It doesn’t require a phone and the battery can last for months, depending on usage, allowing for continuous tracking over multi-day expeditions. It offers real-time tracking, a panic button and the ability to share your location with friends and family as you enjoy your favourite pastime.

Live tracking

Capturs offers live tracking without the need for a mobile phone, and doesn’t require cellular reception. Friends and family can view a map to see your current location and watch your progress.

Long battery

The Capturs battery can last from several weeks up to several months, depending on usage. The device notifies you by email when the battery is starting to run low. It is recharged by connecting to a computer via USB.

Alert button

The alert button allows you to program several messages to be sent to preset contacts based on the number of button presses. The emergency option also includes a confirmation that the message was successfully sent.

How it works

Capturs is an autonomous sports tracker that can work for several months without requiring a charge.

It sends a Sigfox message every 10 minutes, containing multiple GPS co-ordinates. This allows it to provide accurate real-time tracking, which can be easily shared with friends and family.

The device also logs more frequent locations in its internal memory, which can be loaded to the Capturs interface via USB cord for a highly detailed route map.

The button on Capturs allows you to send a variety of messages to present contacts, based on the number of times the button is pressed. This function will work anywhere there is Sigfox reception, even if your mobile phone doesn’t have a signal.

Capturs also comes with a soft waterproof casing for water sports.

Capturs is an IoT GPS sports tracker
Alert button allows user to send multiple messages to preset contacts, based on the number of times the button is pressed. Pressing the button three times will send a message, and the user will also receive confirmation that the message was sent successfully.
LEDs flash in different combinations to let user know about signal, GPS localization success and more.
Capturs sports GPS tracker can be put into flight mode for sports like paragliding

Flight mode

Flight Mode includes information about altitude and speed, which is ideal for light aviation, such as paragliding and ultralights.

Racing cyclists can use the Capturs race mode for sports GPS tracking

Race mode

Race Mode shows multiple trackers on a single map, which can be shared online or broadcast onto a large screen for spectators to see who is in the lead.

Hikers can use Capturs to track their movement and send emergency messages.

Live tracking

In live tracking mode, the device will send a Sigfox message every 10 minutes, containing multiple GPS points. It will also log additional points in its memory for a more detailed map.