CheckFox 2.0

Sigfox Network Measurement Device

CheckFox is a revolutionary device:
Invaluable for any mass scale Sigfox deployment

Combining Sigfox with advanced GPS & Wi-Fi sniffing, instant two-way communication via 2G/3G GSM enables retrieval and display of local Sigfox coverage within seconds. All measurements can be processed and evaluated simply.

Key Features

RUGGED: Water resistant and dust proof casing

ENERGY-EFFICIENT: Long life Li-Pol battery, rechargeable via USB-C (cable not included)

DISPLAY: Clear, backlit, low power

LOCATION: GPS, Wi-Fi sniffing, Accelerometer

SIM: 10 EUR prepaid worldwide data SIM card included


Programmed in Assembly language to be robust, speedy, economical and power efficient

Latest firmware updates available OTA (over the air)

Intuitive Interface (no printed manual needed)


Intuitive, comprehensive dashboard displays and allows control of measurements, users, devices, settings (API & callbacks) etc.

Features Google SSO, real cloud hosting/security/availability

Remote management of CheckFox devices

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