DigiTraq EDGE

Battery-Powered Sigfox Ready™ GPS LPWAN Tracker

The DigiTraq EDGE is a rugged, waterproof, Sigfox Ready™ GPS tracking device designed to track non-powered assets where ultra-long indoor and outdoor geolocalization services are required. There are open APIs enabling easy third party integration.


Key Features


Between 2-5 years battery life (depending on usage) | Battery status alerts | Low battery alerts


Water & dust proof casing made of sturdy flame retardant plastic


Easy installation | Pole mounting bracket


Remotely configure settings using the Over-The-Air feature

Dimensions (mm): L 108 x W 60 x H 35
Weight: 140g (including batteries)
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +65°C


DigiTraq EDGE technology makes this GPS tracker extremely energy efficient with no battery replacement required for up to 5 years. To further minimise power consumption, the update frequency can be configured remotely Over-The-Air (OTA).


DigiTraq EDGE goes beyond locating assets in real-time by offering asset intelligence services. Combined with the web platform you can optimise and improve operational effciency, use asset utilisation data to allocate project costs, implement preventative maintenance and much more.


The DigiTraq Edge is a Smart Global Positioning Tracking Device offering an end–to–end tracking solution for outdoor & indoor applications. It uses GPS, WiFi & Network geolocalization services to maximise asset tracking and traceability.

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