Hassle-free GPS tracking with up to 8 years of battery life

 Monitor asset usage and location

Set up geofence and be alerted immediately when a piece of equipment leaves a building site, or a vehicle leaves the lot

100 x 100 x 25mm 200g
Up to 8 years of battery life (2 locations sent per day)
Weather-resistant IP67 casing

Long battery

 The HidnSeek STA provides a low-maintenance option for tracking your assets, with up to 8 years of battery life.


With accuracy to fewer than 10 metres, the HidnSeek STA makes it easy to recover missing assets.


No wiring or configuration necessary. Just download the app, enter the device ID, attach and begin tracking.

How it works

Built with a weather-resistant IP67 enclosure, the HidnSeek DigiTraq STA GPS Tracker provides ultra-long provides geolocation for up to eight years without charging. It is low-cost, robust, and accurate to less than 10 metres. Just download the app, enter the device ID and begin tracking immediately.

In addition to GPS, the DigiTraq STA features motion sensing, control and alert functions. The customizable web and smartphone apps offer business customers unrivalled flexibility in geolocation services.

The on-board sensors enable a growing number of features for web and smartphone apps, straight out of the box.

  • GEOFENCING: Use the app to draw boundaries which trigger alerts. Find out in real-time when a tool leaves a building site, when a vehicle leaves a compound.
  • MOTION DETECTION: Alerts for moving assets help you understand asset usage and idling time.
  • TEMPERATURE: Logged and available.
  • HIGH ACCURACY: (10 metres) Allows for recovery of lost assets.
  • SECURE AND PRIVATE: Unique key for each activated tracker.
  • AUTONOMY: Battery lasts up to 8 years, depending on usage.
  • READY TO USE: No wiring and no configuration.
  • OPEN API: Flexibility to develop custom apps and get more value from your trackers.
Non-motorized assets

Non-motorized assets

Construction equipment

Construction equipment

Boats and marine equipment

Boats and marine equipment

Vehicle and fleet tracking

Vehicle and fleet tracking

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