Invoxia GPS Tracker

Track & Protect What You Love

Track and protect your children, vehicles or valuables
Place the GPS Tracker in your child’s backpack, the glove box or boot of your vehicle or in your luggage
Lightweight and discreet
Battery life of several months
Notification sent when battery is running low
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No SIM card or mobile subscription. Uses nationwide low-power networks making it more autonomous and efficient than other trackers. Sold without any additional cost: 3-year subscription included.

Energy Efficient

Battery life from 1 to 6 months depending on usage and activity. A notification is sent when the battery charge level falls below 20%. You can easily charge the Tracker with the included USB cable in just 60 minutes.


Set customized safe zones and get notifications on your phone when your car, luggage, or even kids enter or leave those areas.

Key Features

Outdoor positioning via low power GPS
Indoor positioning via WPS
Proximity positioning via the app (Bluetooth)
Create safe areas with line-crossing alerts (geofencing)
Locate the Tracker using its radar & buzzer function
Algorithms to save battery according to location changes
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