Track your assets, even indoors

Affordable hardware

Low annual fees

The Loka is an end-to-end tracking solution that doesn’t use GPS.  Instead, it uses the signal strength and location of WiFi and Sigfox base stations to determine its position.

Using a WiFi location database and triangulation algorithm, the system provides geolocation that is accurate to 10m or less indoors and 30m or less in outdoor urban environments.

Device location data, battery status and temperature can be viewed through the device app, which also allows users to set up a geofence.

Loka is an IoT tracker that uses WiFi and Sigfox geolocation
L: 95mm W: 33mm H: 27mm

Low Power

The Loka uses VT’s Sigfox networks to send location information. Sigfox requires much less power, which allows the Loka’s two AAA batteries to last months or years.

 Low Cost

Sigfox is the most affordable connectivity option for simple devices. Low-cost connectivity and the lack of an expensive GPS module help to keep the Loka’s price low.


The Loka is accurate to less than 30m in outdoor urban environments and less than 10m indoors, unlike GPS, which doesn’t provide and accurate fix indoors.

How it works

Once activated, device sends its location and temperature.
If there is no movement, the device goes into sleep mode.
When moved, the Loka wakes up and sends its location and temperature every 10 minutes until it comes to a stop.
When there’s no movement, Loka will send a location and temperature update every 10 hours.
If it can’t pinpoint its location, the Loka will send messages at the same intervals, but with temperature only.

Battery Life

6 messages/day


18-month battery

12 messages/day


9-month battery

50 messages/day


2-month battery


Available as a web interface and Android/iOS
Displays current and historical temperature and location readings, as well as battery life
Dynamic notification creation
Notifications can be pushed to multiple users at once
Loka uses a web interface to display tracking information

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