Simple, affordable way to monitor your property for leaks

 Up to 10 years of battery life

 Get instant leak alerts to up to three phones

Main-IoT leak guard protects your property against moisture damage and the resultant costs. The device does not require maintenance, its installation takes only a few minutes and it is the most reasonably priced remote monitoring solution for the detection of leaks on the market. Thanks to IoT network technology, the leak guard is not directly connected to the internet, and provides a very high level of information security.

The Main IoT leak guard sends real-time alerts if it detects water leaks.

No sim card

The Main IoT leak guard doesn’t use a sim card to communicate, instead using the global Sigfox internet of things network. This helps keep costs low, and also provides a high level of data security.

Long battery life

The device has a battery life of up to 10 years, which means it requires virtually no maintenance and will be ready to alert you when you need it most.

 Remotely monitor

When a leak is detected, Main IoT will send a message to up to three designated phones. It can be used to remotely monitor households and holiday homes, and can also be used by housing and insurance companies.

How it works

Main-IoT leak guard is installed on the machine to be monitored, such as a washing machine or freezer. When its sensor gets wet, the device sends an alert on the location of the leak to up to three predetermined phone numbers. Main-IoT leak guard is an inexpensive solution for the prevention of major moisture damage.

If the message is not acknowledged within one minute, the alarm service will place a call to the same number. Before alarms can be received on mobile phones, the Main-IoT leak guard must be connected to the Main-IoT alarm service and at least one telephone number must be registered.

Simple installation

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