Secure buildings, work sites, containers and more

Get app alerts when the sensor detects a person or anomaly

The intelligent wireless multi-sensor by STS is an easy, affordable way to secure an area, whether it’s an office, storage room or construction site. The device is simple to install and doesn’t require any wiring. It can run for 6-18 months on battery power, depending on usage. The multi-sensor detects body heat, sound, light, vibration and ambient temperature.

The intelligent wireless multi-sensor can be used for security in areas without power.
170 x 155 x 80mm
450 g
Durable, flame-retardent IP65 casing
Flashing LED light
60 dB siren


The multi-sensor doesn’t require  professional installation. Simply attach it with screws in the area you would like to monitor. It runs on battery, so no wiring is required and it can easily be re-installed in a new area.

 Low Power

Depending on usage, the multi-sensor’s batteries can last 6-18 months.  You will receive an alert if the device fails, making it a low-maintenance option for monitoring areas without a power supply.

 Tamper Protection

In addition to protecting your area, the multi-sensor has an accelerometer that will notify you if someone attempts to remove it.

Technical Specs

IP 65 rating: total protection from dust and resistant to low-pressure water jets
Industrial grade enclosure, flame retardant grade and UV stabilized
Screw or double sided tape fixings
4 x AA batteries provide 6-18 months of battery
Custom IOS and Android app alerts users when battery life is less than 2 months, 1 month and then weekly


Movement sensor range of 15m with 140-degree coverage angle

App Features

Quick and easy install and setup, using Bluetooth for initial pairing
The sensors default to enabled, user can disable sensors that aren’t required
Single or multiple users can manage a single or multiple device(s) and receive push notifications and/or email alerts
Regular heartbeat to ensure unit is operational
Create as many sites as required with unique photo and text label
Add as many devices as required to any site with unique text label
If alarm triggered on a site, image changes to red foreground and device icon changes from green to red
Flashing LED and 60db buzzer activated when the alarm is triggered
When alarm is triggered an alert is immediately sent via push notification and/or email
The intelligent multi-sensor comes with a security app.

What can the multi-sensor protect?



New home builds, renovations, equipment storage



Temporary offices and sites, heavy machinery



Vacant buildings, warehouses and storage buildings



Farm houses, storage sheds and machinery

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