SimplePack 4.0

Sigfox Multi-Sensor Device

SimplePack is a truly impressive and powerful IoT device. It’s equipped with several sensors supporting 50 different use cases from B2C to B2B across the logistics, security & insurance, facility management, retail, health and industry 4.0 sectors. It also boasts extensive battery life of up to 10 years/30,000 messages. All of this packed into one of the smallest and most versatile Sigfox enabled devices on the market. SimplePack is available as a white-label product.


LED diode
Clicking button with haptic feedback
Light sensor
Reed switch
Wi-Fi sniffing
Precise temperature


Compact: 65 X 29.5 X 10mm / 81 X 29.5 X 12 mm
Up to 10 years battery life (30,000 messages)
Waterproof case (IP68 rating)
User friendly platform
Highly customizable firmware
Monarch support
Remotely configurable for different modes

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