Locate, Monitor & Optimise
Your Non-powered Assets

130 X 72 X 36mm | 186g
Robust, water-resistant: IK10, IP68/IP69K
Attach with screws, rivets, tie-wraps, double-sided tape, magnets

View and control your assets via web app

Track and monitor your assets anywhere

Simply stick the device to your asset

Ultra long battery life

Simply attach the STICKNTRACK to your assets and keep track of their location, motion and daily usage. This Sigfox-enabled GPS device allows you to track your assets, ensuring you have access to relevant, actionable data. By setting up geofencing you can receive alerts if your assets leave a specific area allowing you to take immediate action.

Available in Ultra & Compact form, STICKNTRACK is ideal for vehicles, trailers, pallets and all of your logistical needs. Optional beacons can also be installed for accurate indoor detection and recovery. Settings can be adjusted remotely based on customer needs.

Robust, water-resistant: IK08, IP68
Attach with screws, rivets, tie-wraps, double-sided tape, magnets
115 x 54 x 24mm | 95g


Stickntrack comes ready to use out of the pack. Easy self-installation. A user-friendly web interface allows you to access the data collected by your tracker.

Low Energy

Stickntrack’s 3 X AA 3.6V lithium replaceable batteries can last up to 5 years depending on application and usage. The projected lifespan can be monitored on the platform.

Strong and Secure

Stickntrack is designed to withstand harsh conditions. It’s water resistant casing is rated IP68/69 & IK10.

Ready to Use

Simply attach STICKNTRACK directly to your assets with screws, rivets, tie-wraps, double-sided tape, magnets
Uses GPS, Wi-Fi sniffing & Sigfox communications
Monitor location, activity, motion & device battery life via web app
GPS co-ordinates are recorded every 20 minutes and sent over Sigfox while in motion
A stop message is sent and the device goes to sleep when no motion has been detected movement for five minutes

Intuitive Interface

Access current and historical data on location and activity
See your assets journey as dot on map
Protect your assets with geofencing
Track unlimited devices from one central account
Create unlimited user accounts with varying access level settings
Set up email alerts based on geofencing, battery life & motion
Remotely configure device settings

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