Always know where your assets are

Get alerts when your asset leaves its zone

Know when and where assets are used

Simply attach the STICKNTRACK to your assets and keep track of their  location, motion and daily usage. This Sigfox-enabled GPS device keeps you in touch with your assets, ensuring you have access to  relevant, actionable data. By setting up geofencing on the device, you can also make sure you know if your assets leave a preset area,  allowing you to take immediate action.

Ideal for vehicles, trailers, pallets and all of your logistics needs. Optional beacons can also be installed for accurate indoor detection and recovery. When ordered in quantity, settings can be adjusted based on customer needs.

Stickntrack is an IoT GPS tracker
120 x 60 x 31mm
130 g
3 AA batteries
Install with double sided tape, two screws, rivets or zip ties
Water-resistant IP65 casing


STICKNTRACK comes out of the box ready to use and already connected to the internet. It doesn’t require professional installation. A simple web interface allows you to access the data collected by your tracker.

 Long Battery

STICKNTRACK’s three AAA batteries can last up to three years. Battery life varies based on mode and usage.

Strong and Secure

STICKNTRACK is designed to withstand harsh conditions, and is housed in a water-resistant case. The network has built in redundancy and security.


Battery Life

Device Settings

Outdoor and concealed settings are available to ensure the STICKNTRACK is optimized for the needs of each customer. Outdoor mode, when the device has a clear view of the sky, allows for longest battery life.

Outdoor Mode

6 GPS positions/day


36-month battery life

12 GPS positions/day


24-month battery life

24 GPS positions/day


12-month battery life

Concealed Mode

6 GPS positions/day


24-month battery life

12 GPS positions/day


18-month battery life

24 GPS positions/day


9-month battery life

How it works

The device comes out of the box already enabled. The Sigfox subscription starts when you insert the batteries.
STICKNTRACK wakes up when it detects movement in a similar direction three times within 10 seconds. The start message is sent to the cloud at the next 10-second stop.
When the device hasn’t detected movement for five minutes, it sends a stop message and goes to sleep.
While in motion, GPS co-ordinates are recorded every 20 minutes and sent over Sigfox at the next 10-second stop. If the device stops in an area with no coverage, the saved co-ordinates will be lost.

Simple user interface

Effectively monitor your assets
Access current and historical data on location, activity, and more
See where your device has travelled via map
Track multiple devices from one central account
Create multiple users with different permission level settings
Check device battery and status information to optimize settings
Set up alerts based on user-defined rules
Remotely configure device settings
Stickntrack uses a web interface to show GPS tracking data

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