Monitor temperature

Set alarms for climate shifts

Up to 2 years of battery life

The TempReporter detects critical temperatures 24/7 & automatically logs readings every 15 minutes. Reports are auto-filled to comply with HACCP recommendations regarding temperature monitoring.
Manage all your temperature sensitive locations, set desired recording ranges and setup frequency of receiving HACCP reports in one app available for iOS and Android.

Long battery

AA battery powered, lifetime 2 years. No Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or SIM card required.


Extensive coverage across Ireland and other European countries on the low power Sigfox wide area radio network

Real-time alerts

Get Alerts directly to your phone when temperatures are out of desired range.  Device has ability to record temperature in 3 locations, e.g: Fridge, Dispensary & Shop.

The TempReporter Difference

The Remote Signals Pharmacy Temperature Monitor ensures you are HACCP compliant. Taking temperature readings every 15 minutes, records are available through the Remote Signals iOS and Android Apps. Reports are automatically filled and emailed to you in a HACCP compliant template. Alerts are sent to your phone if temperaures are found outside the desired range.
Sensohive can be used to monitor temperature in pharmacy fridges

Pharmacy fridges

Sensohive can be used to monitor temperature and humidity in meat packing facilities and butcher shops.

Meat packing facilities

Sensohive can be used to monitor commercial fridges and freezers

Commercial fridge and freezer

Sensohive can be used to monitor cold chain temperature

Refrigerated supply chain

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