Track Your Assets Anywhere

Dimensions: 170 X 20 X 27mm
Tamper Proof Magnet
GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE & Sigfox Connectivity
Worldwide outdoor positioning via low power GPS
Worldwide indoor positioning via Wi-Fi Sniffing (WPS)
Up to 10 years battery life depending on usage
Optional bluetooth 5.0 support & BLE advertising
Simple NFC activation & identification
Water Proof/Shock Proof: IP68/IK10
Low cost solution
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Easy to Use

The device is designed with slots for cable attachment and bolt holes for screw attachment. Simple NFC one touch activation and administration.

Low Power

High-quality Li-SOCI2, 5400mAh, 3.6V battery which is perfect for long-term applications (up to 10 years plus).

Strong & Secure

Polycarbonate SF (Soft Feel) casing rated IP68/IK10 for protection in harsh environments.

Key Features

Best in class low power tracking device specifically designed for Returnable Transport Units (RTUs)
Optimal battery usage through use of Sigfox communications, GPS and Wi-Fi sniffing
Track unlimited devices from one central account
Monitor location, activity & device battery life via intuitive web app
Dot-on-map tracking with powerful reporting tool to manage high volumes of assets
Remotely configure device settings

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