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The Sens’it, is multi-sensor that communicates through the SIGFOX network. It fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to choose from temperature and humidity, light, motion or movement on its axis using a gyroscope. Use the magnet included with your device to create your own opening detector. The Sens’it button will also send a preset message, either through the social media account of your choice or by SMS to a set mobile number.

Receive notifications from your Sens’it through social media channels, email, SMS to your mobile phone (up to 50 messages total, limit of 8 per hour) or by logging on to see more detailed and historical data. To charge the battery, just use the micro-USB included with your device.

Test network coverage in your area or use the it to experiment with the power of SIGFOX and find creative new uses for your Sens’it!

The Sens’it price includes one year of platinum SIGFOX connectivity (140 messages per day).

The Sen’it can also be used as a development board. A full SDK is available.


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Sens'it possibilities

Five sensors, one button and so many possibilities.

Measure the temperature and humidity in your home, or even a greenhouse!

Use the light sensor to warn you when someone arrives in the office for the morning.

Use the gyroscope function to track when a door in your office is opened or closed.

Get a notification when something valuable starts to move.

Use the magnet included with your Sens’it to create your own custom open sensor.

Press the button to send a preset SMS message to the mobile number of your choice. Set any message you like!

5 modes to match your needs.

Switching modes is as simple as pressing a button.

How it works

Sens’it  for Developers

Sens’it can be used as a devkit.
Whether you are a digital or embedded software developer, or simply curious about the IOT and Sigfox,
you will find all the information you need.

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